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Hot Water Heater Tank

Hot Water Heater Flood Cleanup in Macomb, Oakland, Wayne Mi

We provide emergency service for hot water heater tank breaks and flooding. Call Select Restoration anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our service area includes Macomb, Oakland and Wayne County Mi. Please call us at 586-791-3900 for immediate flood water cleanup.

What Causes Water Heater Tank Overflows?

Among the more common causes of water intrusion in homes and commercial spaces in Southeast Michigan are hot water heater overflows. These indoor mini-disasters happen when your building’s heating tank leaks or bursts, discharging scalding hot water onto its immediate surroundings and allowing more water from the line that feeds the tank to rush in uncontrollably.


There are two main reasons why a hot water heater might burst and cause indoor flooding in your home or facility. The most common is a malfunction in the system’s thermostat. The thermostat gauges how hot the water in the tank is. As the water reaches the desired temperature, the thermostat tells the heating element to cool down. If the thermostat is not working properly, heating can continue indefinitely, making the water boil, evaporate and cause pressure build-up within the tank.

At some point, even the tank’s metal body will not be able to contain the internal pressure from steam and hot water. The next thing that happens is a burst, allowing hot water to escape and spill out. This causes another regulation issue: hot water heater tanks are designed to automatically shut off the water supply from the line that feeds them. When a burst happens, the tank never completely fills and water from the pipe just keeps on coming. This situation provides most of the water that eventually becomes a flood. Hot water heater overflows can also be caused by worn-out parts that hold the heater tank together. As these parts corrode or loosen, small leaks can develop and allow water to escape the tank. While not quite as violent as a pressure-related burst, small leaks are harder to spot immediately. In a lot of cases, leaks can be a few days to a few weeks old before homeowners or maintenance personnel detect them. By then, flooding may have already taken place and a full-blown indoor crisis is underway.

The Dangers of Water Heater Overflows

Like any other form of indoor flooding, liquid intrusion from hot water heater overflows threaten a structure’s wooden, metal and concrete components. It can also damage appliances, machinery and furnishings. Mold growth and other biological threats can also arise from the sudden presence of water in once-dry environments.

Water heater overflows carry additional hazards with them. For one, hot water tanks are usually located in basements where flooding isn’t immediately detectable. This gives the water a chance to come in contact with live electric sockets and power switches, creating fire and electrocution hazards. Hot water heater Bursts can also happen when people are in the vicinity of the tank, which means people can suffer burns if they come in contact with hot water that’s violently released.


Help fix and repair my hot water tank burst

Select Restoration is your one-stop shop for all your water damage cleanup and restoration needs. If you have a hot water heater tank overflow, don’t wait around for the situation to escalate. Get in touch with our friendly and professional staff and we’ll be right at your doorstep in a hurry. Dial our hotline number today or drop us a note in our Contact Us page to send us your inquiries. For any type of water damage, flood damage please call us for service at emergency 24/7 services at 586-791-3900.